CELEBRITY Filming Locations – Manhattan, Atlantic City, Queens

Celebrity remains Woody Allen’s most sprawling film. With over 200 speaking parts, it has so much going on that works together to paint a picture of fame. Along with the variety of characters and storylines comes a variety of locations. It’s still only New York or a couple of hours away – although Allen ventures as far as Atlantic City and Nyack.

Allen and the team picked some incredible locations. From an abandoned greenhouse used as a high class fashion catwalk with a stunning backdrop to funky Soho hangouts to shooting in the Empire State Building – Allen and his team showed many sides of New York.

As usual, there’s a few we don’t recognise. If you can help us, get in touch.

Here’s the filming locations for Celebrity.

Times Square

The opening montage starts with New York’s iconic Times Square.

Jackie Onassis Reservoir

In the montage, the big lake in Central Park. We can see the art deco San Remo in the background.

Empire State Building

We are in one of the upper floors of this iconic building, as the workers look to the sky, towards the north.

375 Park Avenue

The bustling film set (which we later see as part of a film).

1206 31st Drive, Queens

Nicole’s childhood home. It has since been knocked down.

Central Park West

On the corner of 81st St, Robin jumps out of a car.

Ladies Pavilion, Central Park

Robin and Lee break up.

409 East 60th Street

An large abandoned greenhouse on top of this building was remade into this set. It’s just north of the 59th Street Bridge which can be seen in the background. We also see a bit of the roof outside the greenhouse.

The Cherokee
517 East 77th Street

Lee leaves the fashion parade, but it’s now a different place altogether.

Serge Sorokko Gallery
430 West Broadway

Location for the busy party. Now gone.

El Flamingo Club
547 West 21st Street

We later see it outside. It’s now closed. It used to be a legendary music venue The Marquee.

35 9th Ave

The fake ACE Sixties decor where Lee crashes. They are near the corner of West 13th.

49 92nd Street

Robin’s home. We see her get dropped off.

85 South Street

Lee and Bonnie’s flat. We see inside several time and also outside.

Stanhope Hotel
995 Fifth Avenue

Now gone, the Brandon Darrow stuff starts here, and spills out onto the street.

Trump Marina Hotel and Casino
1 Castle Boulevard, Atlantic City, New Jersey

It has since been sold and renamed The Golden Nugget. We see a boxing match there. We also go into a room, 1460.

1703 2nd Ave

A favourite of Allen’s who said he used to eat there most nights for years. It closed in 2011. Allen used this location in Manhattan (1979).

Franklin St Station

The subway stop where Lee meets Nola, near West Broadway.

Pier 16, South Street Seaport

Bonnie boards a ferry here.

Jean-Georges Restaurant
1 Central Park West.

Robin does her reporting.

321 West 46th Street

The scene of the wedding.

232 East 78th Street

Olga’s Psychic Reader & Advisor. Not real of course.

Washington Square Park

Lee bumps into Philip near the chess tables in the west side of the park.

Ziegfeld Theater
141 West 54th Street

Big screening at the end. It has since closed. Allen has had many film premieres here.

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