New Poster And Release Date For Fading Gigolo + Video

Fading Gigolo is the upcoming film written, directed and starring John Turturro, and features Woody Allen as a lead. Just how much so can be seen in a new poster, showing that it is really a Turturro and Allen buddy film, as the two are front and centre. We also have more release date information for the new film.


So far the poster is only available in French. There’s an extremely lo-res English version on their US distributor QEDintl’s website (but we tweeted and emailed them to no avail so, fuck them).

The French release date appears to be 2nd April 2014. This matches with the Canadian release date in the same month. IMDB also lists that month for an Italian release.

We’ve covered Fading Gigolo extensively, and eagerly await the new film. Find all our coverage.

Meanwhile, Cinefi scored a fresh interview with Turturro.

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  1. Ah ha! I was wondering when definitive release dates were going to be made available for this film. Looks like Woody’s character is a sort of sage with some swagger. Turturro always does a solid job. He was great in a movie shot several years ago called The Luzhin Defence. I agree, seeing both John Turturro and Woody so prominently displayed on the movie poster gives it the feeling of being a buddy film. I just hope by the end of the film I have a better feeling for Sophia Vergara. Man I hope she sports that little pink va-va-voom number at 7:26. That’ll make my Raisinets taste that much sweeter during the movie.

  2. As a Canadian, whenever a Woody Allen movie opens in the States I have to wait at least a month for it to make it here, so for totally selfish reasons I’m happy we get one over you for once.

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