VOTW: Woody Allen’s Stylish Leading Ladies

Supercuts – they are surely a thing now. We’ve had several featured as our videos of the week. Huffington Post in particular seems to love them, and has a new one. It captures the array of styles worn by the women in Allen’s films, from Bananas up to To Rome With Love.

There are no shortage of famous faces, and it’s nicely cut with some dialogue about people looking good. Most fun is when Allen goes retro, such as various Radio Days outfits, or Broadway Danny Rose.

Some of the credit goes to Santo Loquasto, who looks after production design for Allen’s films since Radio Days – and Mel Bourne, who worked with Allen in the same role in the 70s and 80s. There’s the Costume Designers< as well – the most current being Suzy Benzinger, who has worked with Allen on five films.

Huffington Post reckons Allen is not a style icon. That’s obviously nonsense…




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