First Image Of Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix In Irrational Man

We have our first official photo from ‘Irrational Man‘, the upcoming film written and directed by Woody Allen. The pic features stars Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, and comes from USA Today.


The photo doesn’t reveal very much, so we still wait for more details. Part of a larger feature, USA Today seems to have no insights into the film itself. Hey, you can click to embiggen.

Interestingly, they have a new release date for the film – 17th July 2015. One week earlier than previously reported. We wait and see if that date gets confirmed.

Meanwhile, we wait to see next week if ‘Irrational Man‘ is announced for the Cannes Film Festival.

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  1. Twilight Time just announced their August slate of films and it looks like Woody’s A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy is going to be released August 11 on bluray. It’ll be great to see one of my favorite Hollywood honeys, the sultry sexpot Mary Steenburgen in high definition. Whatta babe!!!

    By the way, has anyone noticed the scene in A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy where Woody and Tony Roberts are playing cupid and shooting arrows at the target; has anyone noticed Woody’s Olympic caliber archery skills. Check out the man’s release. Woody is dead on in every shot.

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