Blue Jasmine Surpasses $80m Worldwide Box Office, Cate Blanchett Awards Q&A


Just over four months after Blue Jasmine was first released in the US, it has now earned over $80 million. It has now opened strong in almost all the major markets, and it will possibly be a struggle to get to $90 million.

The newest total (based on figures from Box Office Mojo) adds up to $84,671,508.

North America leads the charge with $32.7m. The next best performing markets are France ($12.7m), UK ($8.1m), Australia ($5.6m), Spain ($4.1m) and Germany ($3.5m).

There are still a couple of major territories (Italy, Japan, Mexico) and a large number of smaller territories yet to open the film. Cate Blanchett‘s award nominations are also to help keep the film in cinemas.

Blue Jasmine‘ will overtake Match Point‘s worldwide haul of $85.3m, although Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘s $96.4m might just be out of reach.

Either way, it’s the third film in a row for Allen to gross over $70m worldwide – a huge success considering Allen’s budgets.

All eyes on award nominations now, to see if that will give it a bump in ticket sales. Blanchett looks certain to be nominated, and recently spoke to Deadline‘s Awards Line column about ‘Blue Jasmine’.

AwardsLine: What was your working relationship like with Woody Allen? I’ve heard he doesn’t give a lot of direction.
Blanchett: He doesn’t. He’s not the boss; a lot of the direction is done in the writing. If I had questions and brought them to him, he tried to pick them apart. I found him to be very forthcoming.

AwardsLine: So it was a good process for you.
Blanchett: Sally (Hawkins, who plays her sister) and I were crying into our beers the first few days because we thought we had no idea how to do this. But like everyone else, we wanted him to be happy because we have such a deep respect for him. Then you realize he’s never going to be happy, and you just keep moving forward.

Find the full interview at Deadline.

Finally, it’s not only Best Actress that Sony Pictures Classics have been vying for. Allen is beloved by the Best Screenplay category. And Sony posted this picture up on their Twitter feed.


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