VOTW: Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

The gang at Official Comedy have once again set their sights on Woody Allen. This time they’ve compiled a ‘supercut’ of every time someone says ‘making love’ in a Woody Allen film. And as you can imagine, there’s a lot of them.

The thing about these supercuts and Woody Allen is he’s made forty something films. There is a lot of everything. But even so, the words ‘make love’ start to lose all meaning after a while if you watch this video. Passion, and what the heart wants, has played a huge role in Allen’s career. Sex and love features in just about every film he’s ever made. In fact, 35 of them are here.

The video covers the breadth of Allen’s career from What’s New, Pussycat? to To Rome With Love, stopping at just about every film in-between, and many of the stars of his films. It ends quite nicely too, with one of Allen’s classic gags.

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