WATCH: Woody Allen Facebook Live Interview With Bob Weide

In a sentence no one thought would ever be uttered, Woody Allen has wrapped his participation of his first ever Facebook chat. He was interviewed by Bob Weide, director of Woody Allen: A Documentary. The hour long interview is now archived on Woody Allen’s official Facebook page, and you can watch the video below.

IndieWire did a great wrap up of the interview, if you want a more written summary. But there was plenty of talk about:

There wasn’t any big announcements, but it is interesting that it alludes to Allen doing more in the digital space. We will see if any of it eventuates (probably not).


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  1. From the above screen shot, is that Woody showing some leg? It sure looks like it. Beautiful women around the world are now in heat!!!!

    It sure would be great if Bob Weide could do the commentaries on at least some of Woody’s imminent 4K bluray releases. Bob did a crackerjack job on his Woody documentary. I watch it several times a year, particularly right before Woody has a new theatrical release.


  2. Dear Mr. Allen, I wanted to let you know that I loved Interiors. Also, I believe you have been blessed (not cursed) with your amazing wit. Thank G d for your blessings. And I thank G d that I have had the pleasure of enjoying your films over and over again. p .s. FYI when I was approx 4 yrs old I had my 1st panic attack on a little merry-go-round , and had to be removed from the ride. Consequently I attempted to conquer my fear of rides by torturing myself throughout the years. I wish we could have talked 50 yrs ago. I could have stopped wasting my time by trying not to be me. p.s.s. One of my most treasured memories was watching Bananas for the first time with a friend. The amount of laughter that you created for us will never be duplicated. Your humor is etched in our minds “for all eternity.” Thank you, Mr. Allen for being you .

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