Café Society: $41m Worldwide, Vittorio Storaro, Australian Poster

Café Society is the newest film written and directed by Woody Allen. Although he’s moved onto his 2017 film, his latest is still in cinemas in some countries. And now it has passed another box office milestone, zooming past the $40 million mark.
Cafe Society has now earned $41,741,183 globally. Led by a strong US box office ($11.1m), it is backed by great results in France ($7.0m), Spain ($4.2m), Italy ($4.0m) and Brazil ($2.0m).

It is unlikely to overtake Magic In the Moonlight‘s $51m, and will probably struggle for $45 million. The film is still to open in Mexico and Japan which should give it a little more. And it’s still open in countries like Germany.

In related Café Society news, cinematographer Vittorio Storaro recently spoke about working on the film. He was speaking in at the Cameraimage festival in Poland and the story was covered by Variety.

Asking which light is right for the characters, the scene, the time of day or night, is just as critical — just as shifting it during the scene can be. Throughout “Cafe Society” Storaro supplemented natural light — to West Coast dusk he added smatterings of lamps that added idyllic reflections to swimming pools.

More at Variety.

Finally, we’ve seen another poster around. Some Australian cinema sites are using it, and seems to be legit.

We’ll do a big round up for Café Society at the end of the year. It is out on DVD/Blu-Ray in some countries. It should hit Amazon’s Prime Video service soon.

(Thanks to @modyzaidan for the tip)

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