10 Things About Hannah And Her Sisters – Trivia, Cast, Awards And More

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the states, which is no better time for us to release our latest video essay. We are up to Allen’s 14th film, the much loved Hannah And Her Sisters, considered one of the great Thanksgiving films. The film also celebrates 30 years this year.

The film has a big sprawling cast, and a novel like structure. We dived into some of our favourite trivia about the film. Discover cool things like:

1. The Russian novel that inspired the film
2. The original Elliott before Michael Caine
3. The original Frederick
4. Maureen O’Sullivan‘s maternal connection
5. That wonderful Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup.
6. That wonderful apartment own by Mia Farrow
7. That wonderful e e cumming poem
8. Carlo Di Palma joins the Allen team as cinematographer
9. The documentary Jean Luc-Godard made with Allen
10. The awards feat that would take almost 25 years to be repeated

A lot of this comes from the research we did to put together the Hannah And Her Sisters chapter of our new book – The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide volume 3. You can get it now on Kindle (US or UK) and iBooks.

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