Woody Allen Confirms 2018 Film Title Is A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK

Woody Allen’s 2018 Film has a title – A Rainy Day In New York. Allen has confirmed the story’s title in a new interview in the Inquirer. Says Allen, talking about his recent projects:

This year, it was a film with the title ‘A Rainy Day in New York.’

This story and title was considered by Allen for his Amazon series (that became Crisis In Six Scenes), although he has had the idea of the film for a while. It confirms what we’ve seen in the film’s production so far – lots of rain machines and everyone wearing the same outfits.

Allen also spoke in the interview about Selena Gomez:

“I knew Selena from a distance, but I never met her,” Woody recounted. “We cast according to who we think is perfect for the role. For years, I cast with Juliet Taylor. She retired, so I am with her assistant now, Patricia DiCerto. We sit in a room and read the script. We go, ‘Who would be perfect to play this person?’
“She comes up with a list the next day, then we say, ‘What about Selena Gomez? Can she act? She’s a singer.’ So, we look at what we have on her. There was very little, but she was good in what did exist. So we asked her if she would come to New York, which she did.
“We asked her, would you read some of the character (lines) for us? I don’t usually do that. She did, and she was impressive. I read with many women her age. It’s hard to find the exact proper person for the part because you have a specific character in mind. Selena had it all. I felt that I was very lucky to get her.”

Allen also says the the film is due to wrap this week. It seems that Elle Fanning has wrapped her parts.

Of course, the film’s title could still change. To Rome With Love In 2012 had two titles announced that were ultimately changed. It is also rare that Allen has a title so early, although he did announce the title of Magic In The Moonlight very early.

A Rainy Day In New York is set to be Allen’s 48th film, and will be released some time in 2018.

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  1. Really enjoyed Wonder Wheel. Saw it on its opening day in Poland. Already looking forward to A Rainy Day In New York. Oh, and can’t wait to see Woody perform with his band at the end of April. Go Woody!

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