Fading Gigolo Filming Update: More Pics, Locations, Characters, Vanessa Paradis, Jill Scott

Fading Gigolo, the new film by John Turturro, continues production in NY. More images have been snapped by passing fans along with more idea of who’s in the film – and who isn’t.

In some contrast to Allen’s own productions, ‘Fading Gigolo‘ has had a very public production. Filming this week featured locations in Manhattan (corner 80th and 3rd), then moved onto the Lexington Candy Shop (1226 Lexington Ave).

IMDB confirms that Woody Allen’s character is named Murray. Turturro is Fioravante, Liev Schreiber plays Ode and Vanessa Paradis plays Avital.

Vanessa Paradis also gave an interview with the Daily Beast, promoting her new film ‘Cafe de Flore‘. She revealed her role is that of a Hasidic widow, and spoke about her role in ‘Fading Gigolo‘.

I’m the lice lady to his children and that’s how we connect.

More Paradis at the Daily Beast.

She also spoke to Interview Magazine about the film.

I’m super excited to be in such a quality movie with such amazing actors and to have John Turturro in front and behind the camera. I obviously admire him as an actor very much, because he’s really one of a kind and so amazing. I love his movies; I had seen his movies before. He proposed me a role, and when I was asked I was like, “Ahhh, yes! I will!” What he’s asking me to do is so different, so original from what I’ve done before. I’m in New York, I just love to be here. I love New York. I used to live here a long time ago and I’m so lucky. I’m going to say my lines to Woody Allen. It’s really surreal.

Finally this week, singer and actress Jill Scott was reported to be appearing in ‘Fading Gigolo‘, in big credible film sources like Indiewire. But according to Blackfilm, that is no longer the case due to scheduling conflicts. Who will replace her role?


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