Woody Allen’s 2017 Film To Shoot In Coney Island, Starts Mid Sept


Woody Allen has a new film, Café Society, opening up in Europe right now. He has a new six part series for Amazon called Crisis In Six Scenes at the end of the month. So the perfect time to start yet another film. Page Six has a little more details about the production of Allen’s 2017 film.

The report says that Coney Island will indeed be the location. Allen had discussed for months how he wanted to shoot at that iconic amusement park, and it looks like his production team have finally secured it. Production is now set to start 15th September.

It’s information we sort of knew – that Allen would be making a film in the fall, and that he was looking to stay in New York. But it’s good to hear that a production date is locked in.

We only know a little more about the new film. It’s set in the 1950s, and will star Jim Belushi, Tony Sirico, Juno Temple, Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet. Timberlake will be playing a lifeguard. We also know that the crew behind Café Society, including cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, are also returning.

Not sure how much more we will learn before that production start date. We might get some last minute casting for smaller roles. Otherwise, we will wait to see what photos appear when production starts to see what we will learn. Or when the film is released, likely July 2017.

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