Café Society Wk5: $19m Global, $9m US, New York Times, Taiwan Display and more


Café Society, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen, has now been out in the US for five weeks (and six weekends). We’ve got a box office update, a cool new newspaper ad and more

Café Society has now earned $19,231,665 globally (according to The Numbers). It is led by the US with a strong ($9.4m), France ($7.1m) and Russia ($1.6m).

In the US, it should cross over $10 million by next weekend, although the film is winding down it’s theatrical run, with 217 cinemas showing it this week. It should crawl to $12m before its run is over. It will also take over Magic In the Moonlight.

Here’s how it compares.

FilmsCafé Society (2016)Irrational Man (2015)Magic In The Moonlight (2014)Blue Jasmine (2013)To Rome With Love (2012)
Global total$20,641,886$27,391,084$51,029,361$97,505,481 $73,244,881
US Total$10,012,219 $4,030,360$10,539,326$33,405,481$16,685,867
US w/end 7 GTD (#theatres)$10,012,219 (216)$3,716,077 (91)$9,182,507 (530)$25,108,580 (1,069)$14,304,640 (382)
US wk 6 GTD (#theatres)$9,652,219 (271)$3,615,476 (185)$8,551,447 (438)$22,760,886 (1,179)$13,480,417 (492)
US wk 5 GTD (# theatres)$8,911,665 (455)$3,300,141 (425)$7,189,545 (787)$16,466,468 (1,283)$11,909,842 (552)
US wk 4 GTD (# theatres)$7,543,186 (631)$2,678,860 (925)$5,489,325 (964)$10,498,802 (229)$9,687,102 (744)
US wk 3 GTD (# theatres)$3,906,960 (565)$1,367,913(135)$2,830,456 (170)$7,130,581 (119)$6,118,627 (806)
US wk 2 GTD (# theatres)$1,656,960 (50)$637,331 (28)$1,634,218 (65)$3,695,839 (50)$1,759,210 (29)
US wk 1 (# theatres)$502,379 (5)$258,341 (7)$582,336 (17)$986,419 (6)$540,672 (5)

In Russia, it is Allen’s most successful film to date.

Some big markets open this week, and it should make a significant impact to the global box office figure. Brazil, Greece, Spain and Taiwan round up the August territories. We should be north of $25 million when we next do a wrap up. $50 million is a good target.

Taiwan Eslite bookstore has a fantastic Café Society display.

Also cool is a new ad in the New York Times.

A new ecard features some of the supporting cast. Jeannie Berlin and Ken Stott.

And Corey Stoll.

And finally, this lovely photo. It’s old, but we’ve either not seen it, or we missed it. Allen with Jesse Eisenberg – two different generations of talent, dressed up in tuxes, at Cannes earlier in the year. Passing the baton?

Another Café Society update next week!

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