Café Society Wk2: $3.9m US, $12m Global, Critics TV Spot, Jesse Eisenberg London Press, Thurston Moore


Café Society is out now in the US, and over the past weekend it played to more people than ever – expanding to a soft wide release of 565 cinemas. The film is now just shy of $4 million in the US, and flies straight past $10m globally. We also have a new US TV spot, a new interview with Jesse Eisenberg and a cool celebrity endorsement.

Café Society has now earned $3,906,960 in the US. It comes off a $2.25m weekend, and it’s Allen’s best weekend at the US Box Office since Blue Jasmine in 2013. It is just a couple of days away from overtaking Irrational Man‘s US total of $4.0m.

Here’s how it’s been tracking against the last several of Allen’s films.

FilmsCafé Society (2016)Irrational Man (2015)Magic In The Moonlight (2014)Blue Jasmine (2013)To Rome With Love (2012)
Global total$20,641,886$27,391,084$51,029,361$97,505,481 $73,244,881
US Total$10,012,219 $4,030,360$10,539,326$33,405,481$16,685,867
US w/end 7 GTD (#theatres)$10,012,219 (216)$3,716,077 (91)$9,182,507 (530)$25,108,580 (1,069)$14,304,640 (382)
US wk 6 GTD (#theatres)$9,652,219 (271)$3,615,476 (185)$8,551,447 (438)$22,760,886 (1,179)$13,480,417 (492)
US wk 5 GTD (# theatres)$8,911,665 (455)$3,300,141 (425)$7,189,545 (787)$16,466,468 (1,283)$11,909,842 (552)
US wk 4 GTD (# theatres)$7,543,186 (631)$2,678,860 (925)$5,489,325 (964)$10,498,802 (229)$9,687,102 (744)
US wk 3 GTD (# theatres)$3,906,960 (565)$1,367,913(135)$2,830,456 (170)$7,130,581 (119)$6,118,627 (806)
US wk 2 GTD (# theatres)$1,656,960 (50)$637,331 (28)$1,634,218 (65)$3,695,839 (50)$1,759,210 (29)
US wk 1 (# theatres)$502,379 (5)$258,341 (7)$582,336 (17)$986,419 (6)$540,672 (5)

Globally, the film has earned $11,999,903 at the box office, with France leading the charge with a strong $7m.

Speaking of tracking, Darth Vader(!?) on Twitter points out that on Metacritic that it has not received any negative reviews. It has been since 2011’s Midnight In Paris that Allen had a film without a negative review on that platform.

Here’s the new TV ‘critics’ spot, updated to highlight the great reviews and to promote the film going wide in the US.

Café Society will be rolling out around the world. The UK release is set for 2nd September, and star Jesse Eisenberg, currently living in London and performing in the play The Spoils, has been doing some press for the film.

In other Café Society news. Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore gave it a shout out in W Mag.

Next week will see Café Society trying to hold on to as many theatres possible. The film opens in Lithuania next weekend as well. Spain is the next major market, and is set for a 26th August release.

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  1. Cafe Society is a solid film. After a second viewing I came out of the theater much more fulfilled. For some reason I got a kind of Radio Days meets Hollywood Ending vibe from this picture. Of course Woody had his usual three character love triangle working with the fourth person playing a potential spoiler and everything worked fine. Definitely a bluray purchase. Looking forward to Woody’s next feature film and I guess we’ve got Woody’s Amazon show this autumn.

    GO WOODY!!!!!!!!!

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