Kristen Stewart Discusses Woody Allen, Café Society In Variety Cover Story

Kristen Stewart photographed by Peter Yang for Variety at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - April 25, 2016.

We are now counting down the hours until Café Society, the latest film written and directed by Woody Allen, premieres at the Cannes Film Festival. Being the prestigious opening night film, many film trades are covering this important event on the film calendar. Following The Hollywood Reporter‘s cover feature of Allen, US trade mag Variety now has a cover feature of the film’s star Kristen Stewart.

The wide ranging feature talks about her Twilight years, and her other film premiering at Cannes, Personal Shopper.

Of course, she talked about Allen.

“He’s so shticky,” she says. “He knows how to do an impression of himself and finds it funny.” After an eight-hour day would wrap, she adds, “he was always asking us what we did after work,” as if expecting a secret answer. She received two notes from the director: “That felt fake” and “Speed it up, I’m falling asleep.” But in the end, he used the slower takes.

Allen, in turn, has nothing but praise for Stewart.

If this was 1944 or 1935, she would have been one of those drop-dead-beautiful movie stars. She would have been in the pantheon of classic actresses like Rita Hayworth or Elizabeth Taylor.

Her co-star Jesse Eisenberg chimed in, commenting on her fame.

If I were to become president of the United States, I would only have an inkling of the scrutiny that she experiences. I have the exact same three people interested in me; I’m related to them. She has helicopters following her.

Heaps more over at Variety.


Café Society premieres 11th May at Cannes at 7:15pm. There will be no doubt a lot of coverage. Busy days ahead!

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