2016 Film: Stewart And Eisenberg At the Beach, Special Visitors And More


We are well into week 2 of production on Woody Allen’s 2016 Film and there’s plenty going on. More public filming, as well as some special guest visitors.

Filming took place on Hermosa Beach, California. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart‘s characters take a stroll along the beach. There was then a costume change as they went to another location to share a(nother) kiss.

There was a major dramatic moment during production where Allen tripped, but was helped by what seems like a thousand crew members. Stewart and Eisenberg were actually clinging to eachother as they looked on in some horror, we imagine!

Again, no sign of the rest of the cast.

There were visitors to the set, including Stewart’s dog Cole.


Of the human variety, Robert Weide, the director of Woody Allen: A Documentary visited the set. So did two former Allen producers – Robert Greenhut (from Annie Hall in 1977 til Everyone Says I Love You in 1996), and Michael Peyser (from A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy in 1982 til The Purple Rose Of Cairo in 1985). They had a photo with Allen and Helen Robin, one of Allen’s current producers (since Another Woman).

Filming continues on Allen’s new film in Los Angeles until mid September, when it moves to New York. Catch all our coverage so far.

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  1. Check out Woody getting into or out of what appears to be a sizable hole in the sand or something there on the beach! Like Bergman, the man will do anything and everything to get the perfect shot!!! Even at eighty, Woody is just as focused on the details as he was at forty, to make each film the best it can be.

    GO WOODY!!!

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