Production Begins On Woody Allen 2015 Film In Rhode Island – First Images Of Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone

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As expected, after the long weekend, production began on Woody Allen’s 2015 film. By our count it will be his 46th. That’s probably one or two more than you’ve made.

Production started today in Newport, Rhode Island. In particular, large trucks have pulled up to the Fastnet Pub on Broadway. The crew have set up lights and blocking either to shoot into the pub or just outside the entrance.

Woody Allen has been spotted and snapped in one photo. Reports that Emma Stone is on set. Providence Journal had one of the first pics.

UPDATE: Joaquin Phoenix has also been spotted. The production also moved to a second location, the Jane Pickens Theater and Event Center. With that move we got some great shots of Phoenix and Stone.



Here’s the pics.

The US state of Rhode Island is where it will all be set. The state film funding body has made the right offer to Allen and he has brought his film to the state. Production is expected to move to Providence at some point.

Stone is one of the very few actors we know has been cast in the film. Joaquin Phoenix and Jamie Blackley are the others. With her on set and no one around, perhaps we can assume she is the lead. Still, it’s kinda crazy more cast members have not been announced at all.

Filming is expected to continue until the end of August. We will hopefully find out a lot more.

In the mean time let’s speculate that the people Stone spent 4th of July with are also all in the new film. They are in the area, right?

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  1. Isn’t that Joaquin next to Woody in the last pic?

    Also, I can’t believe there hasn’t been a press release with the full cast yet.

  2. Oh my! Woody has always had a great eye for talent. Lets hope Taylor has at least a cameo in the film! With her in the movie there would be so much colossal heat coming off the movie screen, my milk-duds would melt in my hand before I could even get them into my mouth!

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