VOTW: Hannah And Her Sisters Turns 30, Every Academy Awards Win


It has been 30 years since the release of Hannah And Her Sisters, one of Woody Allen’s most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. Built around the lives of three sisters, it explores a year in their lives, and unfolds like a novel with dozens of characters.

The film was nominated seven times at the 59th Academy Awards, and won three.

Woody Allen won for Best Original Screenplay. He was also nominated for Best Director.

Michael Caine won for Best Supporting Actor.

Dianne Wiest won for Best Supporting Actress.

The film was also nominated for Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing and of course Best Picture.

To celebrate 30 years, here’s videos of the three award wins from the night.

Dianne Wiest. Presented by Anjelica Huston (who worked with Allen in Crimes And Misdemeanors and Manhattan Murder Mystery). She briefly mentions she is working on her fourth film with Allen, which would be September.

Michael Caine. He was not there to get the award on the night. The award was presented by Jeff Bridges and Sigourney Weaver (who cameo’d in Annie Hall).

The writing awards including Best Original Screenplay. Shirley MacLaine presented the award, and makes a crack about Allen’s no show, playing clarinet at Michael’s Pub.

Happy 30th anniversary to ‘Hannah And Her Sisters‘. A great film and a big part of why we do this whole website thing.

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