Miley Cyrus Starts Preproduction On Woody Allen Amazon Series

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The announcement that Miley Cyrus would be starring in the new 2016 Amazon Series from Woody Allen was greeted with surprise in most quarters. The pair actually have a far bit in common, but one of the big differences is social media. Whilst Allen is notoriously secretive and protective of his films before release, Cyrus has been sharing with her fans a behind the scenes look.

The images that appeared on her Instagram shows her being fitted for a wig. This fits in with what we know, that the series is set in the 1960s, and Cyrus would have to fit in with that look. Looking at the photos, it looks like the pixie cut made famous by Mia Farrow, at the hands of Vidal Sassoon. It was certainly an iconic 60s haircut.

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Not many more details, although we will be keeping up with any developments. Miley Cyrus’ Instagram will no doubt be busy, and it can’t wait to see if she shares photos during production.

That production starts in March, filming in New York for six weeks. The series will also star Elaine May.

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  1. To me, this is an odd choice for Woody. Perhaps he has her playing some sort of impish eccentric miscreant character. If this proves true, Miley’s performance would be the greatest example of method acting since DeNiro put on that sixty extra real pounds for Raging Bull. I don’t know much about Miley’s acting chops, but clearly this casting is from a business perspective. What is important, is that she will introduce Woody to a younger audience. Through cross-pollination you let the talent promote your product for you on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And that is a good thing.

    I’m a little concerned that Twilight Time has not posted any new news concerning forthcoming Woody bluray titles. Hopefully they are just waiting until the end of year to piggyback on Amazon’s promotion of this series to maybe promote their new titles. Just wishful thinking on my part.

    GO WOODY!!!

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