Woody Allen’s 2015 Film Rhode Island Shooting Locations And Dates

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Woody Allen’s 2015 Film, which will star Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, has been announced to be shot in Rhode Island. We now have more details about which city they will be filming in and other locations details. We also know a little more about the shooting dates.

The info comes from Rhode Island Public Radio, who spoke to Steven Feinberg, executive director of the Rhode Island Film and TV office, who helped draw Woody Allen to the state.

Listen to it at RIPR.

Some revelations. Feinberg pitched three different locations before Allen said yes, and that Allen was also looking at other states. Shooting takes place after July 4th weekend and will continue through to August. Finally, it sounds like the film will be set in Providence. Feinberg mentions that you will likely see the filming happening in that city. Allen will also be using a soundstage and office space that the state will supply.

Feinberg is careful to keep the really juicy stuff secret. Sounds as though he has some insight into how casting is going, and he says that pre-production has started. He reckons there are more casting to be set, and with a US film, perhaps more big stars will join the cast.

Woody Allen is a filmmaker who takes great care with his settings. His films reflect (and are often named after) the city where they are set. They also make some impact on the film’s economy – both directly during production and tourism dollars afterwards. Feinberg also suggests that some students who are studying Allen might get a chance to work on the film.

Tax credits are essential to a director like Allen. He follows the cities that can make him the best offer. And many countries would love for Allen to visit. In recent years, Sweden, Israel and Brazil have made serious offers.

It sounds as though Rhode Island is going to be playing a part in the story of the film. It is the first time Allen has made a film there. And in his 4 decade plus career, Allen’s US films have almost always been made in either New York or California. Only Sleeper stepped out to Colorado. So Rhode Island has scored a bit of a scoop.


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