Blue Jasmine Update: $70m Worldwide Box Office


We are a little over three months since the first release of Blue Jasmine in the US. Having opened since in many parts of the world, Blue Jasmine has just passed a milestone – $70 million global box office.

The global box office for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ is $70,891,372. Noth America makes up $32.3 million of that, followed by France ($11.7m), UK ($7.4m), Australia ($5.4m) and Poland ($2.3m). This puts it just slightly behind To Rome With Love at $73.2m.

There are still a mumber of major markets to get the new film, including Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil. All are huge countries for Allen, and a $100 million total is not out of the question at this point. All four of those countries have releases planned in the coming weeks.

The big question is whether an Oscar nomination will come along in time to keep the film in cinemas. Midnight In Paris played for 10 months – hopefully ‘Blue Jasmine‘ can do at least half of that.

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  1. Hopefully early next year we’ll get a Blue Jasmine bluray release. And speaking of Woody on bluray, if you go to and search Crimes and Misdemeanors and The Front it says that they they are set to be released on bluray February 11th 2014. First day purchases for sure. I guess they are being distributed by a company called Twilight Time.

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