Blue Jasmine Passes $100m Worldwide Box Office


We are calling it. Almost exactly six months after it was first released in the US, Blue Jasmine has passed $100 million in box office receipts worldwide. It makes it the second highest Woody Allen film.

Our source is, who are reporting that the new total for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ is $100,526,545. (We were hoping that Box Office Mojo could confirm but it their international reporting is lacking for some reason?)

This means it passes Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘s total take of $96.4 million, and the second highest earning Woody Allen film, under Midnight In Paris (at $152.8 million). It is an extraordinary result for everyone involved.

Blue Jasmine‘ is still playing in the odd country, but it’s already on sale in digital and DVD/Blu-Ray so any changes will be minimal (and the next landmark of $110 million seems out of reach anyway).

We couldn’t be happier.

(Thanks to Robert for the tip).

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