Magic In The Moonlight Ad In New York Times

In a clear sign that Magic In The Moonlight has definitely not been forgotten about, an ad ran in the weekend New York Times. The ad features, typically, almost no additional details – but we do find out a little about the crew.

We have a couple of pics from social media:

The ad features Allen’s favourite Windsor font. It’s such a strong design now that that’s all they need to say ‘Woody Allen Film’. It’s a big half page ad…couldn’t have been cheap!

It lists the main cast as follows:

Eileen Atkins
Colin Firth
Marcia Gay Harden
Hamish Linklater
Simon McBurney
Emma Stone
Jacki Weaver

Which means the others we know that are in cast – Jeremy Shamos, Erica Leerhsen – are part of the secondary cast.

We also confirm that Juliet Taylor is back on board in casting working with Patricia DiCerto. Taylor has worked on every Woody Allen film since 1975’s Love And Death. DiCerto has worked with Allen since 1994’s Don’t Drink The Water on TV, with her first film being Mighty Aphrodite.

Sonia Grande is back on board as costume designer. She has worked with Allen on Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Midnight In Paris and To Rome With Love. Alisa Lepselter returns as editor. She has worked with Allen since Sweet And Lowdown. Darius Khondji returns as cinematographer, having worked with Allen on Anything Else, ‘Midnight In Paris‘ and ‘To Rome With Love‘.

Magic In the Moonlight‘ has also appeared on Sony Pictures Classics website. Various promotional material are still dripping through – and hopefully the flood comes soon.

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  1. Interesting color choice of green for the Magic In The Moonlight ad in the NY Times. Is Kermit making a cameo appearance in the film? I’ve heard behind closed doors the little green guy really does have a wonderfully crude and ribald sense of humor.

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