Woody Allen Discusses Magic In the Moonlight In New York Post


Magic In the Moonlight is the 2014 film written and directed by Woody Allen, and it’s due out in July. New York Post’s Page Six column has managed to grab some new quotes from Allen about the new film. To date we have heard very little about the film from Allen.

Here’s what he said.

This one’s set in Nice in the 1920s. I have a great cameraman, terrific art director, but finding locations was hard. We had to travel around, do selective shooting to re-create primitive spots like in the old days.

We’re talking bootleggers, nightclubs, the Charleston. But where were the nightclubs? Nothing was there then. It was a great shock. That era was right after the Russian revolution. Rich Russians went to the South of France to escape.

First I thought. Wow! Ten weeks. South of France. With a cast of Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater. Fantastic. My band flew over, and we did concerts and went to other cities. But then came another problem — it’s countryside. And I’m a city person. I don’t do greens, trees and butterflies.

Cool that Allen mentions Linklater – who is sounding like he has a significant role. His work on ‘The Crazy Ones‘ shows he has great comedic chops. But again we have little in terms of details.

Magic In the Moonlight‘ is out on limited release in the US on 25th July. Publicity for the film is starting to pick up, although we are 12 weeks or so only from release.

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  1. Very excited about this film. Emma Stone has such great timing – I think she will be spot on in this

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