Radio Days Released On Blu-Ray In July


Radio Days is the next Woody Allen written and directed film to hit Blu-Ray. Twilight Time is once again distributor, and will once again release a limited edition run of 3000 copies. The announcement was made on Twilight Time’s Facebook page.

Originally released in 1987, this big sprawling film is a love letter to the radio era. It features the stories of many characters in the late 1930s. It also features one of Allen’s biggest casts, and many people who had been in Allen’s films previously. It is one of Allen’s many triumphs in the 80s.

It is the third Woody Allen film to be released by Twilight Time (or fourth if you count The Front which stars Allen). They had previously promised that more Allen films would be forthcoming. Hopefully this means more are still to come.

The official release date of ‘Radio Days‘ on Blu-Ray is 8th July 2014. It will be available for pre-order shortly before then.

Crimes And Misdemeanors and Broadway Danny Rose, Twilight Time’s previous Allen titles are still available, although won’t last long. You can buy them at Screen Archives.

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  1. This is another fine release. I always enjoy the scene where the chipper school girl brings her boat in a bottle display for show-and-tell and she is immediately followed by the the kid who brings one of his parents unfurled rubbers. It’ll be great to revisit the unfortunate Kirby Kyle. Cause no matter how shitty life his life got, he still had heart! Woody ended Radio Days in a great way with his little sentimental statement about the inevitable passage of time and the voices of past generations fading away. It was a nice tender tribute to those who were here before. One day each of us will be one of those fading voices.

    Hopefully we can get a couple more Woody blu-rays by the end of the year.

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