VOTW: Nude Sketch With Candice Bergen, 1969

Our video of the week sounds raunchy, but it’s really a great sketch scene from 1969. It stars Allen with Candice Bergen, who went on to super stardom in ‘Murphy Brown‘. It is taken from ‘The Woody Allen Special‘ – a one off variety show.

Even in 1969, Allen was working hard. He just kicked off his film career with Take The Money And Run and was appearing on Broadway in Play It Again, Sam. So what’s another TV special to round out a light year?

The sketch is unmistakably Woody Allen. That pacing, that dialogue – it could be no one else. It’s amazing how steady and developed his writing voice was in this, the first year of his film career.

There are more highlights from ‘The Woody Allen Special‘ which we will post in the coming weeks.

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  1. Nice! Definitely a great find of early Woody! Candice Bergen was a real knockout. I’ve always wondered why Woody didn’t use her in his ’70’s/early 80″s movies. She was a real prominent actress at the time and I think she was not averse to taking chances with risky material. Mike Nichols film Carnal Knowledge that she did with Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel is a masterpiece.

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