VOTW: Woody Allen on What’s My Line 1967

We’ll be honest. We were hoping that the trailer for Blue Jasmine would be our video of the week. But the trailer didn’t arrive so we are taking solace in one of our favourite Woody Allen clips. This one is from 1967 and its Allen as the guest on the TV game show ‘What’s My Line‘.

This classic clip is taken from before Allen headed into film, and he was still a TV funny man. What’s most interesting is how similar this is to the ‘What’s My Perversion’ sketch in Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex. It’s almost a direct parody.

It is a pretty hilarious clip, and some classic 60s TV entertainment. Tony Randall and Pamela Mason are trying to work out who the celeb is. He is in the middle of production for Casino Royale.

It’s a fun little clip but it’s no ‘Blue Jasmine‘ trailer. Sony Pictures Classics, why do you haunt us?

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