VOTW: Woody Allen On Ingmar Bergman

Woody Allen’s top 10 films was recently revealed in the latest Sight & Sound poll.

Amongst the films were ‘The Seventh Seal‘ by Ingmar Bergman. Allen’s love of Bergman is well documented. The character of Death from ‘The Seventh Seal‘ was parodied in Love And Death. Bergman is referenced in Annie Hall, a film that also uses elements of ‘Wild Strawberries‘. A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is probably the most directly Bergman influenced film. It is mainly a remake of ‘Smiles Of A Summer Night‘.

So for our Video Of the Week, we decided to go with this short (18 minute) documentary/interview that Woody Allen did about Bergman. In it he talks about what inspires him about the Swedish director.

The interviewer is Mark Kermode of the BBC, who is a big fan of both directors (and we are a big fan of his).

Part 1

Part 2

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