VOTW: John Turturro Press Conference In Rome For Fading Gigolo

John Turturro has been working hard, promoting his new film Fading Gigolo, which co-stars Woody Allen. This week has found him in Rome and our video of the week is an almost 1 hour press conference done in that city.

It’s a long video with lots of awkward translating, but there are some nice revelations. Turturro, who is best known as an actor, really has a director’s sense. He talks about the use of music, the use of hands and how he built the world of the film. Not all great actors think like that.

The Italian release of ‘Fading Gigolo‘ actually pips the US release by one day, hitting cinemas on 17th April. It’s released in the US on limited release on 18th April. It’s shaping up to a big month.

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