VOTW: Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Film

This video has been making the rounds this week. It’s a 44 minute long cut of, apparently, every Woody Allen stammer in Woody Allen film. It was created by The Huffington Post.

They really do try to capture it all, including What’s New Pussycat from 1965, through every film he appears in that he directs, with detours to films such as Play It Again, Sam, The Front, ‘Scenes From A Mall‘ and even Antz. It ends with last year’s To Rome With Love.

It’s a long video with one joke. But probably more entertaining than the stammering is just the tour of some great moments from so many of his films. In a way you wished the dialogue would just run, especially in that final scene in Manhattan.

(Once again, why can’t people get the Woody Allen font right? It’s not that hard!)

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