Vote for your favourite film from The Woody Allen Pages Podcast Season 1

We are ten episodes into our very first season of The Woody Allen Pages Podcast. It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point – and there’s a couple of bonus episodes to come to wrap up the first bunch of shows. But we’ve covered the first ten films and would love to know more about what you think!

We’re going to release a special Q&A episode and as a part of that and we want to know what you think of the films. What do you think of the ten films we’ve covered – from Crimes And Misdemeanors to Stardust Memories? Let us know in the poll below.

Do you have any questions? About the podcast or Woody Allen in general. The podcast are little audio documentaries – so it lacks that conversation. But I’d love to know what you think – especially where you disagree with me. Email us, or leave a comment below.

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  1. I like the podcast just fine but would be nice if you managed to get an interview with editors, cinematographers or the like for the occasional episode or even an episode between the regular episodes. I imagine you’d have some great questions for them.

  2. Why do you think nothing has been announced about woody’s new film is it being delayed for budgetary reasons, COVID reasons or because of that bullshit documentary? Also I rate stardust memories much higher than you did in your episode I think it’s a masterpiece up there and with the best of woody’s work. Also this is a link to some outtakes of a video I did for my bar mitzvah for the one family fund in isreal it’s a tribute to Annie hall I don’t have access to the full video only the outtakes

  3. Also would you consider having a woody Allen related guest someone who has written about him or has been in one of his films or plays or a fellow show of shows writer like Mel brooks or someone like Robert b weide woody’s first wife Rick Worley or if none of these people are available could I be on the show.

  4. Perhaps consider including the “Don’t dislike it” option instead of “Not seen it”. I really needed that one for a couple of films. And i think it’s safe to assume that everybody who comes here has seen all of his films.

  5. Do you watch each film afresh immediately prior to doing the episode on it? Quite often, a second or third viewing of a WA film gives me a totally different impression of it. How often, if ever, have you ‘re-visited a Woody film and changed your opinion of it?

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