SWEET AND LOWDOWN Filming Locations – New York, New Jersey, Ossining, Rye

Woody Allen loves playing around in the past. Sweet And Lowdown goes back to the jazz age – the twenties and thirties. Which means lovely costumes, incredible cars – and a real challenge of finding locations.

In Sweet And Lowdown, we don’t see the hip urban landscape of Manhattan that Allen sold to the world. In the story, it’s Chicago, New Jersey and upstate New York. But it’s all just a couple of hours from Allen’s house.

This is one that we know very few locations for. We would love to hear from you if you recognise any of them.

There was some studio shooting. Allen turned the Teaneck Armoury into a studio to shoot the talking heads and create a mock film set. Perhaps some of the other locations were also sets.

Anyway, here is what we know. Filming locations for Sweet And Lowdown.

Fresh Pond Rail Yard
Glendale, NY

Emmett hangs out there as a drunk. We revisit it several times.

Rye Playland
Rye, NY

From the beach and boardwalk, we see the Playland Ice Casino in the background. We later see the boardwalk from near the casino. We also see the casino at night.

Dragon Coaster
Playland Park, Rye

Part of the Playland grounds. Hattie lives near the roller coaster.

Eagles Club
7 Old Albany Post Rd, Ossining, New York

The talent show venue.

Teaneck Armory
1799 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Allen used this for a studio, to shoot various film sets.

Ritz Theatre

Emmett follows Blanche here.

86 Bedford Street, New York

The final NY bar.

Unknown Filming Locations. We know from the production notes that there was a dinner club on West 44th St used. Locations also in Paterson, New Jersey.

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