Blue Jasmine Early Screening Reviews And Reactions


Sony Pictures Classics just held a press screening for Blue Jasmine, the new film from Woody Allen. As a result, reactions and reviews are coming in through twitter – and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Most of the postivity is around Cate Blanchett‘s performance. But the overall film seems to be a winner, with Sally Hawkins and Andrew Dice Clay getting praise as well. Many of the below also had follow up twitter conversations discussing the film. If you don’t mind ruining this for yourself, you can do a search for Blue Jasmine on Twitter for more.

Here are those tweets.

Kristoopher Tapley at

Matt Patches

Christopher Rosen – Huffington Post Entertainment Editor

Jason Guerrasio

Adam Langer

Reverse Shot Magazine

Kate Erbland, MSN Movies

David Ehrlich,

Dusty Wright

Finally, Showbiz411 has posted about the screening, and how it was so full it had to have a second screening.

At last: we saw Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” tonight in a screening room so full at Sony that an overflow room had to be booked at Dolby down the street. It’s a little early for a real indepth review since “Blue Jasmine” doesn’t open until July 26th. Still, I will tell you that Cate Blanchett is a cinch for a Best Actress nomination. She could win the whole enchilada, too. She’d be Woody’s first Best Actress since Diane Keaton in 1978′s “Annie Hall.”

Allen’s not usually that favoured by US critics, however twitter is usually the place for champions. It is hard to gauge how audiences might react, and if this could be another Midnight In Paris level hit.

Blue Jasmine‘ officially opens 26th July in New York and LA – just over two weeks away!

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