Video: 10 Things About…Sleeper


We’re continuing our video series, looking at some of fun facts and trivia of Allen’s films. It’s all part of The Woody Allen Pages The Watcher’s Guides. Our latest is Woody Allen’s 4th film – Sleeper. It was a big early success for Allen, and the first time Diane Keaton appeared in a Woody Allen film.

But how well do you know the film? Watch the video.

We cover

  1. It was a co-write with Marshall Brickman
  2. Allen wanted to make a silent film
  3. He sought guidance from Isaac Asimov
  4. Diane Keaton, of course.
  5. Director Joel Schumacher‘s early role.
  6. That amazing Sculptured House
  7. Woody Allen is on the soundtrack with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
  8. Douglas Rain reprises his role as an evil robot
  9. The deleted scenes
  10. The trailer has some new footage

Here’s the entire series so far in one playlist.

Only 42 to go? It will probably be 43 by the time we get there…

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