Café Society Global Posters Round-Up – Poland, Turkey, Taiwan And More

Café Society, the newest film written and directed by Woody Allen, is out now in the US, and will be rolling out around the world in the coming weeks and months. There’s been lots of new posters coming in from around the world, many with wildly varying designs. We thought we’d collect them all, and will update this page as more comes through.

Here’s the US original. It is so striking and unlike any other film poster of recent times. It’s 20s, it’s jazzy and it’s certainly a vote of confidence for the film. People who design film posters are never credited anymore, which is a shame.


The French was similar, although in French. They did a variation highlighting the film’s critical acclaim. Un grand cru, indeed.


Russian poster was again just a language change.


The UK, as they usually do, had a completely different design. The US one is wonderful and striking, but it doesn’t really highlight the cast. Although this makes it look like a costume drama (which the British love).

cafe society poster

Brazil went for a mix of the two – the young stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, but the sharp black look of the US poster.


The Polish poster goes further, by adding Steve Carell and Blake Lively, giving the film a more ensemble feel.


The Turkish poster goes for another angle completely. It’s the beach, it looks fairly modern, like a European getaway. They’ve also added Parker Posey her fantastic hat.


The Thai poster goes back to focussing on Eisenberg and Stewart. Nothing about it says 20s, but it looks gorgeous and romantic.


The Taiwanese poster goes one further, with some classic poster kissing.


We’ll wait to see if there’s more. Usually the Japanese do something fantastic. Meanwhile, what’s your favourite? The US original still pips it for us.

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