Special Episode 2 – Season 1 Q&A

The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
Special Episode 2 - Season 1 Q&A

Hello and welcome to the Woody Allen Pages podcast.

To wrap season 1 – I’m going to answer some questions from you. Thanks for everyone who asked a question. Without further ado… here we go.

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  1. William you are a mensch!!! Keep up the splendid work. It takes a remarkable amount of drive and calculation to put these Podcasts together and Woody’s millions and millions of fans all over the world greatly appreciate your efforts!!!! Keep on keepin’ on!!!!


    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. This is really a terrific podcast. I can tell you have excellent understanding of WA’s movies and are well-prepared for these episodes.

    Some takeaways:

    1. I like the run time of the episodes. Each episode is tightly focused and you respect your listeners’ time. I’ve listened to podcasts where episodes exceed 2-3 hours but much of the content is filler or off-topic banter.

    2. Fair criticism – I like how you can appreciate movies and at the same time provide criticism for things in the movie that did not work for you. An excellent example is A Rainy Day in New York. You mentioned there is a bit of excellent writing in not explicitly saying Gatsby won big at poker. We see Gatsby dumping wads of cash onto a bed. Then moments later, an example of poor writing, Gatsby learns about Ashley through watching the local news on TV. Excellent

    3. Appreciating lighter movies like Magic in the Moonlight. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic To Catch a Thief is a light and breezy postcard movie with Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and French Riviera. There’s nothing deep or existential about it but I enjoy it a lot. The same can be said about Magic in the Moonlight. It’s a lot of fun. I like how you can appreciate this kind of movie.

    4. Speaking passionately about movies. Your passion and enthusiasm for WA doesn’t wane when you’re talking about “lesser” movies like Small Time Crooks or Bananas. In fact, hearing these episodes makes me want to revisit these movies now. It’s been 15 years since I’ve seen Small Time Crooks.

  3. Just curious if anyone out there has any theories as to why Deconstructing Harry wasn’t included in this just released latest bluray compilation of Woody’s work? DH not being included in this remarkable collection is as inexplicable to me as driving up to my old college so they can honor me, and I show up with a hooker and a dead body!!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

    1. Deconstructing Harry is one of the top Woody films in my opinion & that last sequence is one of my favorites. I actually had to buy a used DVD from an old library to complete my collection. Looking forward to season 2 of the podcast!!

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