Picking Up the Pieces

2000 Picking up the pieces - Cachitos picantes (ing) 01Release Date: 26th May 2000
Director: Alfonso Arau

Picking Up The Pieces is a farcical, gross out comedy directed by Alfonso Arau. Woody Allen essentially leads a big cast in a story about a severed hand bringing miracles to a small town. Widely regarded as a disaster, it actually shows Allen having fun at least.

Woody Allen stars as Tex Cowley, a butcher who kills his cheating wife (Sharon Stone). He loses her dead hand in the process, which is found to have the ability to grant wishes. It leads to slapstick in the local town, including the priest (David Schwimmer) and the cop (Kiefer Sutherland).

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  1. Woody in a cowboy hat, talking to a dog and driving a pickup? It’s great fun. I always wondered if he secretly wrote this, but he did not. It is worth seeing.

  2. Actually, I had wondered the same thing because the writer “Bill Wilson” has no other credits on IMDb, and there is no information about him.

  3. I loved this movie. I saw that “Rotten Tomatoes” gave it low reviews as did Allen himself (who says he didn’t see it but suspects it’s a waste of time). I think he should see it. Silly and funny

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