VIDEO: 10 Things About CELEBRITY (1998) – Trivia, Cast, Cameos And More

Our latest video looks at Celebrity (1998), the 28th film written and directed by Woody Allen (and celebrating 20 years since it’s release this year). It was a sprawling, ambitious film, that took sharp aim at Hollywood culture and fame. How well do you know it?

Our video looks at:

1. Antz! The most successful Woody Allen film.
2. The Impostors. The other non Woody Allen film that Allen appeared in that year.
3. The huge nods to another Frederico Fellini film.
4. The last Allen film (to date) in black and white.
5. The huge number of speaking roles.
6. The controversial lead role from Kenneth Branagh.
7. Superstar at the time (and now) Leonardo DiCaprio.
8. Charlize Theron
9. Lots of other cameos.
10. The last film for Allen with Susan E Morse.

The video was researched for the Celebrity chapter in our book – The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide. You can get it on Amazon or iBooks, and it covers 36 of Allen’s films across two volumes. It is also the best way to support the site.

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