The Story Of Woody Allen Fan Film ‘My Annie Hall’

We had heard about this and even seen some pics on social media, but the New York Times and others have written about it. There are lots of Woody Allen fan films, but this seems to be something different and special. ‘My Annie Hall’ is a remake of Annie Hall starring senior citizens. More at the New York Times.

The film is the brainchild of Matt Starr and Ellie Sach, two young filmmakers. The two stars are Harry Miller (94) and Shula Chernick (73), two members of the Lennox Hill senior center in New York. The modest project started as something that might be shot on phones. It ended up being a three month shoot with a modest crew and financial backing.

The idea began as an idea to help citizens with memory and dementia. The acting turned into a real project and Annie Hall was voted to be the film to do, because the real locations were nearby. Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm fame contributed some money.

The film premiered in December in New York and we hope to see it some day. Woody Allen has made a statement about the film.

Thought it was funny. Saw no reason to interfere with those seniors’ enjoyment of life. Never saw it, had no objections, good luck to them.

Read the full story and watch an excerpt at The New York Times.

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