Kate Winslet Wins Hollywood Film Award For WONDER WHEEL

When it comes to awards, there is one clear story coming out of Wonder Wheel, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen. That story is Kate Winslet, who offers a powerhouse lead performance in the film. She has now picked up her first acting award for the season – The Hollywood Film Award for Best Actress.

Here’s the video:


Winslet accepted the award last night at the Beverly Hills Hilton. She, for some reason, shared a kiss with Allison Janney, who has also worked with Allen, appearing in 1998’s Celebrity. Two other Allen alum were given awards – Sam Rockwell (also Celebrity) and Timothée Chalamet (the upcoming A Rainy Day In New York).

Winslet is by no means set to win anymore – she’s up for a fight with Sally Hawkins and Frances McDormand, the favourites at the moment. It will be her second win if she wins the Academy Award this year, she won for The Reader in 2009.

Wonder Wheel is set to open in the US on 1st December, and will roll out around the world in the months to follow.

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  1. I hope this is just one of many awards that await the cast of Woody’s latest. Kate is without doubt one of the finest actresses working today. She has tremendous range. She was knockout in The Reader. Like another great Kate, Cate Blanchett, she’s great at playing real people with real problems. Maybe one day in the not too distant future Woody can persuade another stunning Kate to do a quick witty cameo in one of his films – Kate Middleton!!!! I don’t know if The Queen would sign off on that, but one can always hope.

    GO WOODY!!!

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