Woody Allen To Make 50th Film In Paris In 2021

After an unprecedented year of pandemics and disruption, it looks like things are moving towards some semblance of life. With that, there’s news that Woody Allen will make a new film in 2021. Likely to be a 2022 film, production will take place in Paris, restrictions pending.

Before the pandemic hit, plans were made for Allen to make a film in Paris. That obviously didn’t happen, and even the new film will be subject to guidance about restrictions.

The news comes from Kenneth Edelson in a since deleted tweet (in that tweet he conjectured it could be Allen’s last film, but financing is in place for several more). Edelson, a friend of Allen’s, has made appearances in 20 of Allen’s films, usually in uncredited cameo roles (he first appeared in Alice and was in A Rainy Day In New York).

All goes to plan, it will be Allen’s fifth film in France as a director. He shot parts of Love And Death (1975) in Paris, and returned for Everyone Says I Love You (1996), Midnight In Paris (2011) and Magic In The Moonlight (2014). They are some of Allen’s most successful films, and Allen is probably a bigger star in France than anywhere else. It’s exciting to see him return for another film.

Nothing else is known about the film, although it seems unlikely it will be American Blues – Allen’s longtime dream project about the lives of Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong.

A lot remains to be seen, but it’s great to get a sign of life that planning continues on the 2022 film.

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  1. Folks it’s great to see that Woody still floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!! The man’s energy does not waver!!! We welcome Woody’s 50th film – and those beyond!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

  2. In his appearance in the Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero” Woody Allen said he would do his 50th film “and maybe then leave it”.

  3. I own them all. My favorite director since the 70’s.
    Love and Death being my favorite. Cheers, and can’t wait to see number 50!!!!

  4. I paint and play his movies and imagine I’m like Woody, creative artistic genius (ok, I can dream can’t I) 😉 His movies always get me in an artistic mood and I just love them and the music choices he has in them. Go, Woody, Go!!! Make more movies!!! Hard to name a favorite but I’ll name one I’m very fond of, and that is Crimes and Misdemeanors but good grief can’t limit to one. There are so many I play over and over.

  5. I loved Rifkin’s Festival, but I was a little worried that it had some of the flourishes of “last film”. Homage to the great European directors, musings on life and death, the meta narrative of a critic at a film festival, exasperation at the phoniness of “showbiz” that he has always eschewed. So I’m absolutely chuffed to hear it’s all systems go for 2022! I think the worst thing about covid is that I had to miss the annual Woody Allen movie treat!

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