VOTW: 38 Minute SAG Interview With Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is the toast of Hollywood at the moment. Her performance in Blue Jasmine has seen her winning every award for which she was nominated.

Our video this week is the longest interview on video we have seen with Blanchett discussing ‘Blue Jasmine‘. The interview, with Dave Karger, was held at a Screen Actor’s Guild screening of ‘Blue Jasmine‘, a couple of days before the Golden Globes. The idea that Blanchett would sweep the awards was likely, but not set in stone by this point.

It is a wide ranging interview, talking about the difficulty of some of the scenes, how she first saw the film as a black a comedy and how her first phone call with Allen went. Best of all is to see Blanchett joke around, be sarcastic and silly.

We are just a little over a month from the Academy Awards. As usual there’s lots of conjecture about who will win in each category, but Blanchett seems like such a strong favourite that it’s almost a given. We will find out 2nd March.

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  1. Yeah Cate is looking strong for the Oscar. How’bout Sally Hawkins? I’m pulling for her as well. The more I watch Blue Jasmine the more I think her performance is tip-top as well!

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