Woody Allen Talks Jazz, WONDER WHEEL With BBC2 Steve Wright

Woody Allen is set to go on a rare European tour next month. Allen has been playing jazz in New York for decades, and these shows will also feature his regular band – The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band. To promote the shows, Allen spoke to the legendary Steve Wright on his BBC2 radio show yesterday.

It is pretty rare for Allen to do these types of live radio interviews. Allen discussed his love of New Orleans Jazz, and what to expect for the upcoming shows. His new film Wonder Wheel was mentioned, but all actual details were successfully dodged. There was also some talk about how technologically inept Allen has been and continues to be.

It is interesting to see if Allen will do any other interviews to either promote the tour, or take advantage of being in Europe to do press for the upcoming Wonder Wheel.

We love Steve Wright. Find more on his excellent show at the BBC 2 website.

Allen and his band start that European tour on 1st July in Barcelona. Find the full details here.

Wonder Wheel hits US cinemas 1st December.

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  1. Folks, he’s bigger than The Stones, The Beatles, and The Who . . . COMBINED. All that needs to be said is, he’s — THE WOODY!!!! Woody’s put a little extra zip on his Kirby Kyle style fastball for this next picture. Wonder Wheel is gonna be a juicy delight. Its release being pushed to December is a good sign.

    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. Still no mention of his next project?! It seems unusual that there are no rumours at all. Perhaps Amazon has taken a more active role in controlling information.

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