Woody Allen Jazz Band Announces German Show July 2017

Woody Allen is going on tour. He is taking his jazz band on tour this summer in Europe. Following announcements for shows in Spain and London, we now have the first German show. The band will be playing Elbphilharmonie – Großer Saal in Hamburg on 11th July 2017.

More details on tickets here

Even cooler is the show’s poster, designed by none other than Klaus Voormann. You might recognise his work with the Beatles, including the Revolver album cover.

We are expecting more European dates to be announced.

The July tour will probably precede the release of Wonder Wheel, Allen’s next film. Allen may well do European press for that film in the same trip. It follows an unconfirmed tweet that Allen would start work on a 2018 film in September.

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  1. “We are expecting more European dates to be announced” – man lets hope so!! Lets hope that Woody is secretly working on a Wild Man Blues Part 2!!! Folks the man just keeps rockin.’ Whether it be at the typewriter, behind the camera, or playing his clarinet, Woody’s implacable drive is evidence of what one can achieve if they stay focused on their goals. Retirement is for wimps. At 81, Woody isn’t resting on his laurels. Seek what thrills you. The search and the process give one a reason to live!

    GO WOODY!!!!!

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