Woody Allen To Be Interviewed On Facebook Live By Robert Weide

In news as surprising and existentially troubling as anything else in current news, Woody Allen has announced he will be participating in an interview on Facebook. Allen will speak to Robert Weide on Facebook Live, from Allen’s official Facebook page, 17th May 2017 at 2pm New York time.

That’s right. The man who doesn’t even use a word processor and didn’t know how to text until a couple of years ago is doing a Facebook Live.

Robert Weide directed the excellent Woody Allen: A Documentary in 2012. He’s also directed Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr Sloane and other wonderful docs.

It is not known if the interview revolves around any special announcement. But we are still waiting for more details on his new film Wonder Wheel. He is bound to be casting a 2018 film. And he’s going on tour in Europe. Or maybe he’s the new director of the FBI. I mean, it’s all up for grabs now.

The interview is this coming Wednesday, 2pm New York time. Which means 11am in LA, 7pm UK, 8pm France and 4am in Sydney (and on the 18th). Allen’s Facebook is where to watch it. Convert more times here.

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    1. Just that the man who used to never give interviews or talk about his films is doing something so modern. The only certainties are indeed death, as Woody has been trying to tell us in (non-live) interviews for years.

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