New MANHATTAN 4K Print Released In Cinemas This Year

Woody Allen is usually not one to look back, but it seems he is making an exception when it comes to 4K. The new super high definition format is probably great for a director who has been famously picky about how his films are presented. Following the premiere of the new 4K print of Annie Hall at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this month, we now have details on the 4K print for Manhattan (thanks to IndieWire).

Manhattan is widely considered one of his best works (and the 110th greatest film of all time, it seems), but it is definitely one of Allen’s most gorgeous. Filmed in black and white (Gordon Willis was the cinematographer), it will no doubt look gorgeous on 4K. And most excitingly, some people will be able to see the print on a big screen.

Film Forum in New York will be screening the new print for a limited period starting 10th March 2017. It will play in select cities in the US throughout March, and will open in the UK on 12th May. You can find US cities dates at Park Circus.

(And if you’re near Film Forum, they are paying tribute to Tony Roberts with a screening of Annie Hall on 13th March. Roberts is set to appear.)

Here’s the trailer for the re-release. Above is the new poster.

So – obviously we love this film. It might even be Allen’s best in our book. Starring Allen along with Anne Byrne, Mariel Hemingway, Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy and Meryl Streep, it tackles some of the biggest themes in all of Allen’s films. And it does so with romance, wit and one of Allen’s best scores – all that George Gershwin. And gosh darn it’s pretty.

There is apparently more Allen 4K to come from Park Circus and MGM, who have the rights to Allen’s catalogue from 1971’s Bananas to 1991’s Shadows And Fog. Not all of them are likely to be earmarked for the upgrade, but it probably depends on the success of these first prints.

Remains to be seen if the print will reach more countries, but I’m sure many cinemas would want it. A no doubt a home release version will follow as well.

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  1. EUREKA!!! Fellow neurotics, this is splendid news. I’m wondering what the Vegas over and under is on which of Woody’s other masterpieces will next get the 4K treatment. I’m thinking Hannah and Crimes and Misdemeanors have a shot and maybe even Danny Rose. I know Woody would probably never do a directors commentary, but it would be great to have someone like Robert B Weide or Annette Insdorf do a commentary and offer insight into the film. I bet the 4K discs will be ready for home viewing just in time for the holidays or sometime early next year.

    GO WOODY!!!

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