To Rome With Love Filming Locations – Rome, Italy

Allen continues his European tourist excursion with To Rome With Love in 2012. And by now, Allen makes no apologies for the postcard perfect scenes, covering just about every tourist cliché in Rome. It’s classic cinematic escapism as we see Rome at it’s impossible best, with various stories of romance and comedy mixed in.

By all accounts, To Rome With Love was a relatively easy production, with the city allowing Allen and his team plenty of access, and the top notch cast enjoying playing around in the beautiful city. What is remarkable is the sheer number of locations used in the film. As you can see, there are points where characters are essentially in the same place, and it seems a shame that they didn’t intersect.

Here’s all the filming locations for To Rome With Love.

Piazza Venezia, Rome

The central hub of Rome opens the film. At the intersection we see the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

Cordonata, Capitoline Hill, Rome

We first see Michelangelo walking down the the stairs from Capitoline Hill to Via del Teatro di Marcello and he meets Hayley. The building at the top of the stairs is Fontana della Dea Roma.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Michelangelo introduces Hayley, and us, to the wonders of Rome, including this magnificent fountain.

Osteria Margutta
Via Margutta 82, Rome

Romantic restaurant where Michelangelo and Hayley dine.

John goes walking right past this restaurant, near where it meets Via dell’Orto di Napoli. This street is best known for appearing in Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck‘s character had his apartment here.

Villa D’este Trento, 5, 00019 Tivoli RM, Italy

Gorgeous gardens of this estate. A prefect place for a romantic kiss.

Via degli Ibernesi, Rome

Hayley walks along this street. She tuns into Via Baccina.

Roma Termini
Piazza dei Cinquecento, Rome

Antonio and Milly arrive at this, the main train station of Rome.

Caffe della Pace
Via Della Pace 3-7, Rome

John and his friends at the Cafe.

Via di Villa Belardi 17, Rome

Leopoldo’s house. We assume the inside and outside matches.

Le Cento Fontane
Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Rome

Translates to The Hundred Fountains.

Via Terni 95, Rome

Michelangelo’s home. We assume the inside and outside are the same.

Corner Via della Scala and Via Garibaldi, Rome

John meets Jack. Later, John and Jack part ways at the same spot. Did any time pass at all?

Cinema Farnese
Piazza Campo Dè Fiori, 56, Rome

Leopoldo and friends see a film.

Later, Monica and Jack buy groceries at these markets.

InterContinental de la Ville
Via Sistina, 69, Rome

Jerry and Phyllis stay at this glamorous hotel.

Via dei Greci

Near where it meets Via del Corso. Milly gets lost here.

Piazza del Popolo

A wonderful shot of Milly lost.

Via de Neofiti, 8, Rome

Jack’s home. We assume the inside and outside match.

Largo Arenula, Rome

Near Via Florida. Milly is still lost. We later see her in the same intersection but from another angle.

Fiumicino Airport
Via dell’ Aeroporto di Fiumicino, Fiumicino

Monica arrives at this airport.

Piazza Navona, Rome

Jack and Sally take Monica out to see Rome.

TG3 Studio
RAI Studio, Via Tiburtina, 521, Rome

TG3 news studios. We assume it’s at their regular studios.

Turtle Fountain
Piazza Mattei, Rome

Milly, still lost, stumbles onto a film set and sits on this fountain.

Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome

Jack takes Monica here. We saw it slightly earlier with Michelangelo. They later look over Rome from near this spot.

The Colosseum

We see it from Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Music Auditorium
Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30, Rome

Jack takes Monica here as well.

Via degli Zingari, Rome

Walking up from Via dei Serpenti. That newsstand doesn’t appear to be there anymore.

Space Cinema Moderno
Piazza della Repubblica 43/45

Leopoldo and Sofia go see more films.

Acquedotto Claudio
Viale Claudio, Parco degli Acquedotti, Rome

South east of Rome, this was one of several great old aqueducts that serviced all of Rome.

Porta Settimiana
Via di Porta Settimiana, Rome.

Jack and Leonardo jog through the elegant archway.

Ristorante Alfredo alla Scorfa
Via della Scrofa, 104a, Rome

Antonio and Milly almost cross paths.

Ara Pacis Augustae
Lungotevere in Augusta, Rome

The fashion parade.

Bar Gelateria Il Faraone
Pizza della Madonna dei Monti 8

Jack, Monica and Sally discuss books here.

Villa Quintili
Via Appia Antica, Rome

The Roman ruins.

Later, Antonio takes Anna to a party in an nearby estate.

Teatro Argentina
Largo di Torre Argentina, 52, Rome

This historic theatre was dressed for many different scenes.

Sabatini Restaurant
Vicolo Santa Maria, Trastevere 23, Rome

Leopoldo is caught coming out with a beautiful woman. They run out into Piazza Santa Maria.

Via della Font D’Olio, Rome

Leopoldo runs into a procession.

Parco del Colle Oppio
Viale del Monte Oppio, Rome.

Near Fontana della Maschera. Leopoldo and his driver find some peace here.

St Regis In Rome
Via Vittorio E Orlando, 3, Rome.

Hotel where Milly is taken to.

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome

Jack and Monica kiss (for the film poster). Near the Temple of Asclepius.

Via della Vite 33, Rome

Leopoldo is hassled by the press once again.

La Vecchia Pineta Restaurant
Piazzale dell’ Aquilone, 4, Lido di Ostia, Rome.

The normally blue umbrellas were changed to orange to suit the film’s palette.

Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome

Leopoldo has his breakdown on this road. It’s right near the Excelsior Hotel, which was mentioned by John in the scene that immediately precedes this.

The Spanish Steps
Piazza Di Spagna, Rome

The final scene with the orchestra playing Volare.

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  1. I think that the scene in a car on a trip back from the airport was filmed somewhere on Via Cristoforo Colombo.

    I also believe that the final balcony drinks were shot at the top of a building on Piazza di Spagna. If you look the location up in Google Maps, it seems to me that it is the apartment you see in the triangle between Emilio Pucci, Krizia and Chanel location markers.

    Opera performance celebration was probably filmed in Maison Sibilla in Tivoli, and Tivoli is also probably the spot of those manicured gardens screenshot above.

  2. I think that the hotel lobby with fountain is the lobby of Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel.

    The church you see in the background of the final balcony scene is San Carlo al Corso.

    The scene above with Eisenberg and Baldwin you say was shot at Acquedotto Claudio was actually shot at Villa dei Quintili. Only the car scene with the Sun behind the aqueduct was shot near Acquedotto Claudio.

    I also don’t know where they shot the scene with Gerwig and Eisenberg in front of a newspaper kiosk. Perhaps you could make a screenshot and add it to the unknowns?

  3. And perhaps you could separate Villa dei Quintili (or Villa of the Quintili) and the Villa Quintili. One is a Roman ruin, the other a villa on Appia Antica you can rent for a wedding.

  4. P. S.There’s a tiny error – Leopoldo’s apartment pic number 5 should be where the Leopoldo runs into a procession location is.

      1. No problem! My pleasure. I can’t wait for you to update the article. The page also seems to be a little bit laggy when opening; perhaps it’s something to do with embedded maps. By the way, the Antico Caffè della Pace closed permanently, in 2016, I think. Perhaps you can add that bit of into up there. Thank you!

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