Video: 10 Things About Love And Death


It’s video time. Our fifth video essay is about Woody Allen’s fifth film – Love And Death. Made in 1975, it was Allen’s goodbye to his early slapstick comedies, and hints at the depth of the career to come.

In our video, we look at:

  1. The book that Allen released in the same year
  2. The shoot in Budapest
  3. The shoot in Paris
  4. The butterfly net
  5. The Fyodor Dostoevsky references
  6. The music of Sergei Prokofiev
  7. The nod to Battleship Potemkin
  8. The Ingmar Bergman references
  9. Sol Frieder‘s first but not last time working with Allen.
  10. And the arrival of Juliet Taylor into Allen’s filmmaking.

We’re really having fun making these videos – so we hope you’re enjoying them. If we get to 47 films, we will have 470 fun facts about Woody Allen’s amazing filmography. And we’re thinking about maybe doing a 2-parter for Annie Hall – there is so much in that film.

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Annie Hall next. Do you have a fun fact for us?

Here’s the one we did for Sleeper.

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