Video: 10 Things About Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s Classic


We’re continuing our series of video essays, with our sixth, the white whale. Annie Hall is Woody Allen’s most loved film. It is usually people’s first Allen film, and it is still breaking hearts to this day.

This film has such a story – and really we could have done 20 things. The number of deleted scenes, the Bergman influences, Gordon Willis…those last couple we will have to save for later films.

Here’s 10 things about Annie Hall.

Find out about…

1. How it leads to Manhattan Murder Mystery
2. The original title and 3 hour cut
3. That great split screen that wasn’t
4. Diane Keaton‘s fashion
5. The inspiration drawn from the Woody Allen comic strip
6. The two best ad libs, one from Allen, one from Tony Roberts.
7. The name ‘Annie Hall’
8. Those many cameos
9. Bobby Greenhut joins the Woody Allen team
10. All those Academy Award wins

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Check out all six so far below.

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