Cafe Society Wk3: $15m Global, $6.7m US, New UK poster, Anna Camp


Café Society, the latest film written and directed by Woody Allen, is holding strong in US cinemas in its third week. We have a box office update, and new bits and pieces around social media.

Café Society has now earned $15,465,851 worldwide. France still leads the charge with $7m, and Russia just passed $1m.

In the US, the film has now earned $6,789,811, in 631 theatres. It kept its spot as the 12th highest grossing film in the US over the weekend.

It is well on the way to doubling the US box office for Irrational Man. From his 45+ films, his average US box office is $13.6m. If he can surpass his average, against his own catalogue of films, is a remarkable effort. As it stands, it should make over $10m, and $12/$13m with a push.

Here’s how it compares to his previous films.

FilmsCafé Society (2016)Irrational Man (2015)Magic In The Moonlight (2014)Blue Jasmine (2013)To Rome With Love (2012)
Global total$20,641,886$27,391,084$51,029,361$97,505,481 $73,244,881
US Total$10,012,219 $4,030,360$10,539,326$33,405,481$16,685,867
US w/end 7 GTD (#theatres)$10,012,219 (216)$3,716,077 (91)$9,182,507 (530)$25,108,580 (1,069)$14,304,640 (382)
US wk 6 GTD (#theatres)$9,652,219 (271)$3,615,476 (185)$8,551,447 (438)$22,760,886 (1,179)$13,480,417 (492)
US wk 5 GTD (# theatres)$8,911,665 (455)$3,300,141 (425)$7,189,545 (787)$16,466,468 (1,283)$11,909,842 (552)
US wk 4 GTD (# theatres)$7,543,186 (631)$2,678,860 (925)$5,489,325 (964)$10,498,802 (229)$9,687,102 (744)
US wk 3 GTD (# theatres)$3,906,960 (565)$1,367,913(135)$2,830,456 (170)$7,130,581 (119)$6,118,627 (806)
US wk 2 GTD (# theatres)$1,656,960 (50)$637,331 (28)$1,634,218 (65)$3,695,839 (50)$1,759,210 (29)
US wk 1 (# theatres)$502,379 (5)$258,341 (7)$582,336 (17)$986,419 (6)$540,672 (5)

Stephane Celerier, the head of Allen’s French distributor Mars Films, tweeted this great display in Santa Monica.

Not sure why, but the UK always makes landscape versions of posters. It’s always nice to see design elements switched around (at least, it is for us…)

Here’s the UK landscape for Café Society.

We love these city based videos.

And lots more cool images on twitter. And an e-card that features Anna Camp!

Café Society will once again be hoping to hold as many theatres as it can in the US, and could possibly expand. It opens in Poland and Turkey this week, with Spain and Greece at the end of the month.

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